Does anyone own the Etincelle de cartier ring?

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  1. In rose gold, any real life picture would be great! Thank you : )

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  2. I've been looking at this too! I am going to the mall tomorrow so I will stop in and see if I can take a picture!
  3. Thank you so much! Looking forward to it :angel::heart: I'm just hopping the 0.16ct wouldn't look too small in person lol
  4. I got this and next to my engagement ring/wedding band it is the most lovely ring I've ever laid eyes on. Super delicate but so full of sparkle :heart: I will take some pics later tonight!
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  5. Thanks for replying : )
    Sounds just like what I'm looking for! My boyfriend and I are looking to buy an engagement ring together, thought this may be more within our budget and something more different. Will really apprieciate if you can share some pics! :P:heart:
  6. I too would love to see pics...........
  7. Here's some pictures! It is on a finger size 6. This is a very dainty ring and the band measures in at just 1mm (the love ring measures 4mm and is on a size 4.5-5 finger)! Let me know if you have any questions and I can try to help. Congratulations to you and your boyfriend (soon to be fiance!?).

  8. Thank you for posting the pictures. Does it catch the light nicely.? I know the stone is small but small can still be fiery. I am looking for a right hand ring. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you so much for taking your time to share these pics! It's beautiful! :nuts: I must say, It's more delicate and dainty then I thought! Don't know how it'll look on my short fingers hahaha, must go check out in person soon. :P
  10. Definitely catches the light wonderfully; I never knew diamonds so small (I'm talking about the pave on the band) could sparkle so much! However since the center diamond is emerald cut it doesn't sparkle as much but it still stands out. Very, very special ring and it would be perfect as a RHR. I cringed when I bought it thinking I would be able to find something similar at 1/2 the price but nothing compares - Cartier diamonds are something else.

    You're welcome! I remember trying to find some discussion about this ring when I first saw it so I am glad to be of help! If someone bought this sight unseen they would definitely be a bit surprised at how dainty it is, especially since there are no measurements on Carter. Let us know how you and your boyfriend like it. There's also a round brilliant center platinum version, did you see that? Equally as dainty but the center diamond can go up to .44 carats!
  11. I've been eyeing on both of these rings but sadly couldn't find a single picture of the platnium one as well :sad: but I did get a reply from cartier just yesterday about the pricing on .40ct, a bit over budget but seems to look more like an engagement ring if you know what i mean lol. Will update how it goes after I get to try both in person :P

  12. OH RATS! The photos of the Etincelle you posted are gone. Any chance you can post them again? I live in Canada, and can't find a Cartier boutique near me to look in person :sad:
  13. Sorry for the late reply! The photos were kindly shared by mello_yello_jen : ) I don't know if you wanted to see the pink gold or platnuim. But here is my platnuim in 0.25ct, hope it helps! I live in Canada as well, they didn't carry my size in store so it was shipped from LA. To my surprise, it took less then a week to arrive!

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  14. Hi just wondering how are you liking your ring? I am looking into purchasing this or the emerald cut one. Would love to hear feedback and thanks in advance.
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