Does anyone own the Damier Parioli?

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  1. Do any of you own the Parioli?

    Is it comfortable on the shoulder? How long are the straps?

    How about pictures? I want to see how much you can fit in it.
  2. i just bought one and luv it but am wondering about any problems I've heard with the straps peeling or something????Please help ,as i have time to return.The size is perfect-10'' x14'' and sits on the shoulder just right and I am luving the dark brown trim.
  3. i'm still not sure which one i'll buy. i'm waiting for the speedy so i can see it in real life. but it won't be available 'til june :cry:
  4. can I get a response on the parioli???????
    I really need feedback on the durability of the straps,Thanks
  5. My mom has owned hers for about 3 years, and no peeling. However she doesn't use it everyday. I would doubt that there would be peeling on an LV. But I'm not sure on a bag that's used heavily.
  6. hi labag

    how much can you fit in the parioli? pictures would be awesome - if you have 'em, of course. If not, a descripion will do. Also, how long are the straps? Where does the top of the bag hit you?
  7. Sorry, I'm at work and do not have any pics,but it is a great size--11'' x 14' x 4 wide.
    It can hold my epi small agenda, a checkbook holder, a monogram key/car holder, a small makeup bag, brush, smalldaily devotional book,lotion,a mirror, and sun glass case easily. The bag has a cell phone holder and pocket Icanuseforreceipts. The size is just right, I'M 5'5" and it hits right at my waist. The straps are very comfortable and i luv the brown outside pocket trim! I luv the casualness ,i wear alot of jeans and the ease of movement when I shop will come in handy. NOT TO BIG ,NOT TO SMALL, JUST RIGHT!
  8. Sounds very roomy! I am waiting for mine to come in the mail. I'm not as tall as you, so I'll have to see about how the bag looks on me. Just curious, have you ever tried on the Cabas Piano? And how do the two bags compare size-wise? The Parioli is more of an horizontal bag and the Cabas Piano is more of a vertical bag, right?
  9. i think it is a little larger than the cabas but both are shaped the same-but i'm not in luv with the monogram print as much as the damier. i think it is more classy and not everyone reconizes it-but i know its LV and its not as out there as the BH WHICH EVERYONE SEEMS TO HAVE!.
    i particularly don't like the light vachetta bottom-i don't like to baby a bag, and the dark brown just looks rich.
    Let me know when you get yours-ENJOY
  10. Labag,

    will do. Thanks for all your help! Enjoy your bag!:biggrin: