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  1. I saw this today at our store and really loved it. It's in Chocolate. I put it on layaway. It has legacy lining and everything. It says on it's Coach tag it is a Coach Archive Limited Edition? Anyone have one? Do you like the suede?
  2. Thanks for the link! I always forget there's a search bar in this forum.
  3. Jep I do in Asparagus. Sprayed her with Rain garde, will use her in a month or so :0
  4. I wish they made that shape in actual leather. Its a great shape,but suede scares me silly.
  5. Guilty! I haven't used it yet, though. It was an impulse purchase that has not grown on me for some reason. Nice bag, but a bit small and yes, I would also prefer this in leather. Suede is beautiful, but lighter colored suede is harder to care for. I do have other suede bags, though, and if you spray them well and take care of them, they will last. It's just that you have to be a bit more careful.
  6. I have it in chocolate in my collection. Haven't used it yet. I am using my Lindsay Block.
  7. I want this bag in chocolate soooo badly! It's so gorgeous!
  8. The choc color is great i agree. So rich looking i think.
  9. I think it's an awesome looking bag and I love the legacy lining. I'm just a little nervous of the suede. I've never owned a suede purse before. ANd ITA with you guys wanting it in leather.