Does anyone own the abstract oblong scarf?

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  1. Style 98444? I am not sure if this is allowed? And if it is not, I'm very sorry Mods.:shame:

    My mom bought this a few weeks ago and thought she would keep it, throwing the receipt away. Well, long story short, she does not like it and wants to return it. The problem is she paid cash and if she returns it, she will get a merchandise credit, which she prefers not to get. Has anyone bought this scarf, paid cash and love it and will not be returning it, still have their receipt? If you do, would you mind helping my mom out and send me your receipt? Thank you.

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  2. Why don't YOU use your mom's credit? Tell her she can consider it a birthday gift. :nuts:

    Maybe she could also trade it for another scarf or something of similar value.
  3. I know I should, but I wished she told me a day earlier. I went and used by PCE card Sat morning and she told me Sat night.

    Or do you think I can return one of my purchases and say I want to buy it again using the merchandise credit and still get the discount? Will they allow that?