Does anyone own something in Tapioca?

  1. I'm trying to get a better feel for the coloring of this wallet. Is it really shiny or is that the photo? I'm asking because the grey zip clutch on elux looked shiny to me at first too. Then i realized it was the background.

    I still think I prefer a blue color.. but looking for a zip clutch has been fun so far.

  2. Cripe I see that word in print and I flip!! I LOVE the color!! I actually had a tapioca blake in my hands and sent it back..I already have a red blake so I decided I'd hold off and try to get a large mp in tapioca at a later date (and hopefully on sale!!) Here is a pic of the blake (That is gone!! :crybaby: ) The hardware is gold (hard to tell in some pics)...and it is not shiny -like patent...It does have a beautiful sheen to it ...Hope these help..:heart: Emmy
    HALLOWEEN 001.jpg HALLOWEEN 003.jpg HALLOWEEN 004.jpg HALLOWEEN 009.jpg HALLOWEEN 006.jpg
  3. Yum! The color looks good enough to eat!!
  4. I would say that the leather isn't as shiny as it appears. It is also my understanding that Tapioca has a yellow undertone that isn't shown in this photo.
  5. Oh, thank you so much! It really seems to shimmer in the Saks picture.. it is a really beautiful color.
  6. When I was eyeing a tapioca quilted zip clutch, I saw yellow/taupey undertones in it as well. Looks creamy in the pic, but not so much in real life. Still, it's a nice color and I would've bought it had I not just gotten my yummy zip bowler!
  7. Are there 2 colors of tapioca? I had what I think was a Tapioca venetia in my hands with silver hardware and an orange suede lining. The color was so amazing! The only way I was able to talk myself out of it was by convincing myself that I would get any light color like that dirty. This tapioca seems a little more yellowish?

    Any way... I have a picture of it in this thread: (see the first post and scroll down a bit for a close up!)
  8. Oh man, I couldn't take looking at those Sophias. I really want one!
  9. Here is a pic of 4 of my MJ's including a Tapioca Susanah on the far left.
    4 MJs.jpg
  10. hey smooches i love the 2 susanahs you have!! they're so me! =)
  11. I saw the color tapioca today in Saks at the Shorthills Mall in NJ. Wow, really pretty. But it's nothing like the picture on the website!
  12. I have the tapioca susanah as well and LOVE it. The color is a soft muted buttery yellow. Color is not shiny on my bag.