Does anyone own shoes like this?

  1. I haven't had any luck on the 'Authenticate This' threads, so I want to know if anyone owns a pair of Chanel shoes that look something like this:

    The reason I ask is because I don't normally buy Chanel shoes, only handbags. Although I own these:

    The quality of mine seem so much better.
    The eBay pair almost look 'cheap'. I have never seen these kind of soles before, so I was wondering if anyone out there is familiar with this shoe. Thanks in advance!
  2. I have quite a few pairs of Chanel shoes and I have to admit I have never seen those kind of insoles before.
  3. That's what I was thinking...they look like cheap knock-offs to me. I do like them, though. I already placed a bid on them, but want enough time to cancel if I find out they are definately fakes:yucky:
  4. I looked at the auction and the seller mentioned that these were purchased from Chanel in Paris, this is definately not a recent style and if they are still brand new they can't be that old a style can they??? Also the insoles look like they have been glued on in a tacky way, if I were you I would ere on the side of caution with this one IMHO.
  5. She obviously just added the Paris boutique part...because I questioned her on authenticity. Then she made up some story about her sister injuring herself skiing and now her feet are a different OK, I'm going to cancel my bid right now. (Skiing..July?)