Does anyone own or seen a BAY irl?

  1. I'm **this** close to ordering one but I'm torn between the shoulder and the tote. And it's a big chunk of $$.
  2. I saw the Bays IRL a week or two ago at my NM and I liked them more than I thought I would. The messenger style in black is cool and after that, I like the tote. For some reason, the hobo looks a little conservative (I'm a SAHM so I like a bit more casual/edgy). The one that caught my eye was the Navy -- it's really a beautiful color. They also had the tan color which wasn't warm in color at all - more bisque. Hope that helps. I don't think you can go wrong. Let us know what you choose and post a photo! :drool:
  3. Yes I have seen the bags absolutely gorgeous & beautiful leather, I liked the hand held. Patiently waiting to see the quilted IRL
  4. From the pics, I'm not so interested in the quilted.
    I was hoping the camel would be less cream, and more caramel.
    Don't know what to do.
  5. I agree with Roz, the leather is gorgeous! I love the navy blue one in particular and I like that it's light.
  6. Are there pics of Navy anywhere?

    This is the one I'm thinking of:
    And I like the caramelish color.

    But I'm thinking it might end up this color in reality? Is this what you meant by bisque Kelli?
  7. Saw the collection today at my NM, have to admit, I liked them more than I thought I would from the pics that I have seen. I really liked the shoulder bag, but the large tote..........WOW!! There was one in an orange color --beautiful!! Also, the leather seems lighter in weight.

    Good luck with your choice, they are both beautiful.
  8. llson! You saw them? So the light camel color, which of the above looks most like it?
  9. The caramel shoulder bag is my favorite...:drool: Would like to see pics with someone wearing it to see what the size is about IRL :yes: Would be helpfull for my decision...
  10. i have the camel tote and just luv it, it holds a lot of my stuff plus it looks really classy and sophisticated.
  11. Yes, I saw the second color IRL but it looks entirely different than the first photo you posted. Those must be two different shades, right?? Is that a tote? It's beautiful! :yes:
  12. Do you have a pic of it?
  13. I have seen the Bay IRL and the one I saw was identical in colour to the first of the two pics above so maybe there are two of these sandy shades :confused1:

    I called Chloe, Sloane Street, London today and they have just recieved the Quilted Bays in Chocolate (Moka) and Black with the Cream and Caramel to follow next week :yahoo:

    I don't live in London so hopefully one lovely London Pf'er will report back soon ;)

    I am so tempted by the pics of the cream and the caramel quilted.........:sweatdrop:
  14. I have the bay in navy. pics are here
    I really like it.