Does anyone own one of these?

  1. I love to cook and use fresh herbs, but they get expensive, especially when they just rot in the fridge and I have to throw them out. So I saw the 'AeroGarden' and love the idea:

    But I want to find out if anyone has ever used it and does it really grow?
  2. i had a roommate in college who had a little "growing system" in his closet, for his "special herbs"

    it kind of reminds me of that
  3. LOL...brownie herbs?
  4. I considered buying one of these..... Then I decided that I don't need any more clutter, and more to clean. However, the reviews on are mostly positive.
  5. LOL my friend's brother used to have one of these too :nuts:.

    I think they're great but they would take up too much counterspace for me...
  6. we have a window box that we grow herbs in, it gives me something to do and it smells nice all year round.