Does anyone own one of these bags? HELP!

  1. Hi! So this is my first time posting on the Coach board, I'm usually on the LV board. I really want to get a leather Coach bag to take with me to college, and I'm torn between 2 bags.
    CHOICE 1
    CHOICE 2
    Which one do y'all like better, and which color? Does anyone own one of these? If so, can they hold a lot of stuff? Also, if anyone has any ideas on a cute bag to take with to college I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much! :heart:
  2. The pebbled leather small hobo is fabulous, but the Ergo Small Leather Hobo holds more stuff. I personally prefer the pebbled because it's so soft and classy looking, the leather is AMAZING. I'm not crazy about how the Ergo hobos sit on my shoulder.
  3. I love the pebbled leather....If you only have to choose between the two I pick the first one.
  4. Hi
    Both super cute bags. I like the tan ergo one better though. I dont have an ergo hobo one but i do have one of their signature hobos (i think that is what they are called but pardon me if I am wrong with the exact name) which has a similar shape
    I really like the shape and it fits comfortably under my arm. My only complaint is that sometimes I cant get all my things to fit in the bag. However that may be because Im trying to carry too much with me at one time!
  5. Ps kaylalvc
    your bag collection is great! I clicked on the link and love your speedy and chanel wallet
  6. I've seen the first one in RL and its pretty cute. It also seemed small though... and kind of formal. I'd go with the second one in either white or camel; it looks like it can hold more stuff, plus it looks more casual. :smile:
  7. When considering a bag for you to take to school I think the Ergo is much more practical. It is bigger and much wider than the pebbled leather. This allows you to take a water bottle. The Ergo zips closed while the pebbled leather just has a clip. That means you won't be spilling your contents if your bag falls over in class. Both bags are lovely choices but I am thinking the Ergo is a better choice for school.
  8. I would choose the Ego. I like the slouchiness it has. I would get it n either camel or white.
  9. i like the Ergo, it looks like it would hold a lot of stuff because of the way that it's structured (the other one is more structured and the ergo looks like it can be expanded). and the camel color of the Ergo looks like it'd be the best way to go. can't go wrong with a classic color
  10. Thanks so much for everyone's advice! You all make really great points. From the pictures I thought that the first one looked bigger, I had no idea that the Ergo actually was!
    And thanks Saribee! You're so sweet :smile:
  11. i'd go with the ergo as well... :smile:
    but if you included a legacy bag as a choice I would've picked that
  12. i love the pebbled leather small hobo!! so very cute and the color is SOO Sister in law has one kind of like that and i always steal it ;) haha so very cute
  13. Ditto!
  14. I like the Hamptons bag better, but the Ergo may be more practical.
  15. The first one is REALLY small. I like the second one better.