Does anyone own one of each speedy in style/color?

  1. Hi all! I'm curious if anyone here is the total speedy nut :nuts: and owns one in each style it's made in? For instance, one mono, one damier, one MC, one graffiti, one mini lin, and ALL colors in EPI (maybe a future Miroir) etc etc ?? I LOVE :heart: :heart: :heart: the speedy, and I hope to own many more in my's definitely my favorite shape of all the LV's and I'd love to own one of each....that might just be my goal someday!!! :graucho:
    Does anyone else feel the same as me about the speedy?? :shame:
  2. i don't own a single speedy yet :s even though I've been wanting one for forevers. However, I've made it my goal to have a Damier Speedy & a blue, red, and yellow EPI Speedy by my next birthday which is in June. :graucho:
  3. I love the speedy too, only have 2 but would love to own more, not all of them but definitely more then the 2 I got. There are some pretty impressive collections posted in the Speedy Gonzales thread over at the LV clubhouse, some of the ladies have built an amazing collection :love:
  4. I have a few....cerises, damier, mono & black MC. I love the shape so much...but I won't buy it simply for the shape (i.e. I didn't really like the mini lin so I wasn't forking out almost $700 for something I wouldn't use)....but I'm sure there's a collector somewhere who has them all!
  5. I only have 2 which are the mono speedy 30 and the cerises. Just right for me.
  6. I only had 2 speedy 25 and a 2 mini sac hl
  7. Since I put my speedy away I realized that I love the shape and the fact that it is hand held. Would like more....they are super cute...
  8. I have one mono, one damier and one epi! I want one azur!
  9. The Speedy is my fav as well!!

    I have:
    mono Speedy 35
    damier Speedy 30
    black epi Speedy 30

    I am planning to add:
    damier azur Speedy 30
    mini lin Speedy 30
    *possibly* silver mirior Speedy
  10. i have the Mono, Damier, Cerises and Denim Speedies

  11. This is a cute picture! I love it! :smile:
    I want a Cerise Speedy!!!
  12. Sandra, ur collection always blow me away, no matter how many times I see them!

    Back to the topic...I love the speedies too but as much as I'd like to expand my collection, I can't see myself putting money towards certain lines...of course my love for LV is always evolving, so I'll probably get those lines someday..who knows...
  13. Here are my speedies!! I love them!!!!!!!!!! (btw, the last one added was my Red Epi 25!) Love her!!!!!!:love:


    Ok, Irene...Where r u?? Post your Speedies Girl!! How many do you have now....hmm....8, 9...??? Somewhere in there???:graucho: Heehee!!:upsidedown:
  14. i only have three speedies, but can't wait to get more! i have the cerises speedy (my favorite baby), mono speedy 25, and the white mc speedy! i'd love to get a red epi 30, damier 30, and a mono 30/35... i loooove speedies!
  15. thanks :love:!