Does anyone own/like the Ipanema GM or PM?

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  1. I'm thinking of adding one to the wish list...:biggrin:

    Ipanema GM

    • Damier canvas with rich leather trim and golden hardware
    • Outside patch pocket
    • Leather shoulder strap with a 12" drop
    • Inside patch pocket, cell phone pocket, and D-ring
    • Terracotta alcantara lining
    • Double zip closure
    • 11" L x 12" H x 3.5" W

    Ipanema PM

    • Damier canvas with leather trim and golden hardware
    • Long, adjustable leather shoulder strap with a drop that ranges from 16" to 19"
    • Double zip closure
    • Outside open pocket
    • Terracotta alcantara lining with inside patch pocket
    • 8" L x 8.5" H x 3" W
  2. I tried on both at LV and found that the my stuff just got piled up inside and I had to dig to get anything out. I like more horizontal bags but both of these are beautiful!
  3. I usually like Vuitton's GM's, but I actually prefer this in the PM.
  4. I like the PM better, too. I'm trying to understand why the GM doesn't have an adjustable strap.:blink: It makes no sense.
  5. I have a PM and everyone always gave me compliment. But I am going to sell it because I have too many bags.
  6. Out of the two, I like the PM version better.:biggrin:
  7. I tried these on at LV, too, and although I love the way they look I thought they were rather awkward to put stuff into...
  8. I have the GM and it is one of my favorite bags, primarily because of the shape. It is a bg that you do not see as often as other LV bags.

    The PM would definitely be too small for me and my stuff. To maximize what it can hold you do have to put things in a certain way ( as opposed to just throwing it all in like I do with say a Noe or other tote).

    I like the length of the strap and it has never bothered me.
  9. I just bought the GM! I'll weigh in next week when I get it. I think it'll be a great bag in winter (I know that wasn't the question!) :lol:
  10. Do you think that the GM would be too big for me? I'm 5'4". Also, please take a picture of yourself wearing it. I'd love to see how it looks on! Thanks!

  11. Congrats! Please post a pic!
  12. So does anybody have a pic of themselves wearing the GM? After seeing GTOfan's Showcase thread, I think I want one!:love: