does anyone own hermes sneakers

  1. i am thinking of getting a pair. but not sure if they run small or big. any idea?
  2. They run small. Give yourself plenty of room.
  3. no. I do however own Hermes Balloon print leggings. Ask me if you ever need to know the fit.
  4. Hi, I've got two pairs of Quick sneakers. I'm a standard European size 39 for length but a bit wide in the foot. I have a pair of Quicks in size 40 which are a touch too roomy unless I have thick socks on ( not very glamorous I know) and a size 39 which are a perfect fit. I also have a pair of H red deck shoes ( no idea what they are called) size 39 and they are perfect too. I would not say they run small, not if you are used to European sizing anyway.