Tech Does anyone own Click Free?

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  1. no.. i dun kno... why are u asking ????
  2. Because I wondered if it really is a good tool for backing up your computer and/or for transfering files, etc from one computer to another.
  3. the reviews seem to be good for it. although i can't help much more than that :smile:
    the description makes it seem painless and easy. wish i had that much money to drop. I recently signed up with mozy online just because it's only $5 a month vs plopping down one large chunk of cash. but it's more if you want to hook up more than one computer (not sure how much, i should look into it since i just got a second computer)
  4. I own one! And I love it! So easy to use, works great, the last time my computer was crashing, it took me hours upon hours of downloading stuff on disc and I still didn't get it all. Then, to put it all back on via the multitude of discs that I had, oy! Bought the clickfree, works greats, I download stuff on it once per month, you can set a reminder on your computer for it, and it downloads things I wouldn't even think to.

    Oh, and price depends on what size you buy. I bought mine form amazon, thought I saw it on qvc first.
  5. I'm glad to hear the good reviews because I ordered one from QVC!

    Luvs, I THINK they were offering some easy pays on this, I'm not sure if they still are?
  6. im not using it but it seems interesting so should i have to get registered there first?
  7. I don't think you need to register. They have an 800 number that you can probably call if you want to order one. 888-345-5788
  8. I have one and I'm very happy with it. Hassle free file transfer to my new computer after my old one crashed and easy file back ups.