does anyone own chanel classic ballet flats?

  1. i have a few pairs and i just got a pair on eBay. i had bought the same from bg but the ones on eBay were cheaper so i thought i would get those and return the others. the ones from eBay- in comparison are a little different and i wasn't sure if it's because they're older or maybe not real. they're both beige with the black toe.

    the new ones from bg have a little cap thing at the back of the heel and the ones from ebay don't. also the bottom of the bg ones are a darker brown than the ebay ones. the ebay ones also have a slightly lower cc at the top part (meaning it's lower down on the black part than the others) and they also fit a little tighter despite being the same size. they also have a slightly smaller font on the bottom where is says chanel and the size.

    so my question is- for people who have mulitple pairs of these or maybe have older ones- is the new ebay pair consistant with the older models of these? were the older ones slightly smaller than the new ones (like how clothing sizes have changed in recent years?). i can return either pair- i just don't know what to do. thanks!

  2. no one?
  3. Maybe you should post pics? I know that these have been faked...
  4. I think the ballet flats have small variations based on what year they were made. That is just my understanding based on what I have seen. I could be wrong.
  5. I have the beige with black classic, but I really need you to post a picture so I can understand what you're talking about. :yes:
  6. the seller said they were from last year. i don't know how much they would change in a year. i'm sending them back but i will post a pic so anyone can tell if it comes up again. thanks!