Does anyone own Brown Deerskin Bowler?

  1. I absolutely adore my black bowler, such a great shape and the leather is lovely. i almost want to get another deerskin bag, but NOT in black... too many black chanels. i was looking at either the deep brown (chanel calls it burgundy) bowler or the flap bag.

    i've only seen black bowlers on this forum. does anyone own it in other colors, especially the br/burg color? does it go with many colors?
  2. any opinions yet on the color?
  3. If its the bag I think, then I used to own it in the Rose color. They call it rose but it looks Peachy to me! I had to take it back thou because the bag did not hold its shape to well, hum.
  4. i've seen the burgundy, it is gorgeous. you're right it is a bit brownish. keykey it is not the rose/peach colour, it is a different one.