Does anyone own both SBS and Medium Cara?

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  1. And if so, would you be so kind as to post pictures of them together pretty please?

    I am about to dip my toe into the wonderful world of Mulberry but I am torn between the 2. I keep swinging back and forth from one to the other and am no closer to making a decision. I've read lots of reviews, watched loads of videos and looked at so many photos I'm going dizzy. Sadly I can't get to a shop to see them in the flesh, it's going to be an online purchase - I don't have the funds available to order both at the same time and send one back so if I don't like it and have to return it then I'll have to await the refund before I can order the next one (not the end of the world of course but would be a bit of a pain).

    SBS pros:

    It's £200 cheaper (I'm saving for the bag so this would mean I would have it a couple of weeks sooner!)
    Can be carried in the crook of the arm (my preferred way of carrying all my bags)
    I prefer the leather strap to the canvas on the Cara

    Cara pros:

    It's bigger - the size of the SBS is concerning me, is it big enough? I'm not very tall but I'm not skinny either so I'm a bit worried that the SBS will look too small on me.
    I like the details - the Made in England on the base, the heart shaped tag.
    I like that they're all made in England
    I like the different ways it can be carried (the but canvas strap does bother me... )

    So, looking at all I've said above... I'd like a Cara that's the same price as an SBS (this is definitely the least important point though), but that can be carried in the crook of my arm but with a long length leather strap too <sigh> :search:

    If you do own them both, which do you prefer and why?
  2. You could buy a Cara in black and just got a long leather strap for it in black. The leather would be easy to match :smile: I can carry the mini on the crook of my arm and remember it being pretty easy with the medium. Hope that helps!
  3. The Cara can be carried in the crook of the arm? Really? Now, that is interesting!

    Sorry, I should have said, the colour will definitely be Oxblood. That much I am sure about! The Ostrich Cara comes with a leather strap but sadly my budget won't stretch that far :lol:

    Thank you! x
  4. My first purchase was a black sbs. I use it all the time. I love the versatility of the shoulder straps, and for me it's plenty big enough. Can't comment on the cars, however I would think this is also very flexible. If I were you I would buy the sbs, and then use the spare cash to bumpy a purse! Good luck x

  5. I can take a photo of myself with the mini tomorrow (already in bed ) but the mini looks a bit silly that way, it will be a point of reference though!
  6. Haha, I like your style :graucho:

    It's really difficult, I wish I could see both in the flesh but it's just impossible at the moment.
  7. Thank you, I would really appreciate that :smile:

  8. Okay- (this is amstevens714 but I couldn't seem to attach a photo - said I exceeded my limit lol, so I created another account).

    Pardon the pjs and baby toys!


    Hope that helps, and again, this is the mini.
  9. Thank you so much, that's really helpful. Would you say that carrying it in the crook of your arm is comfortable? It does look quite a cosy fit and your arms look slimmer than mine :lol:

    ps. love your Tiffany bracelet :smile:

  10. I actually think it's fairly comfortable. I was "trying" to show there was still room but I recall the Cara in medium having a bigger drop by quite a bit. When I got it I foresaw myself using it on my arm a lot (I do not feel this way with the mini). Unfortunately, I felt the medium in NVT was too heavy for me (I have a slight problem with one of my legs, so heavy isn't ideal).

    And thank you, it was a gift from a lovely friend :smile:
  11. Thank you again, you've been really helpful.

    I'm now heavily leaning towards the Cara :biggrin:
  12. A cara vote here. I never really fell in love with the SBS - I find that my cara is like owning two different bags as you can wear it ladylike just by the handle, and then have a totally different look with the shoulder strap and the backpack :yes:
  13. Thank you for your opinion. Yes, I like the versatility of the Cara :smile: Shame it's not on Net A Porter, there's a 15% off code at the moment.

  14. Happy to help!
  15. Up! Im also leaning towards medium cara in oak. Convince me anyone? :angel: