Does anyone own both Grace and Blake? (Weight Question)

  1. Which is heavier? :shrugs:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I think the Grace may be heavier, because it's been described as one of the heaviest bags that MJ made. I really like the style of the Grace, but I think it is flawed by it's functionality. It has two magnetic strips as a closure and it is weak IMO. It doesn't stay as tightly closed as I like.
  3. Thank you thithi! I love how the Grace looks, but if it's as heavy as you describe, I'm going to run in the other direction. ;)
  4. Awww, really? I just saw a Grace on eBay, and liked the look, but now I'm scared that it'll be too heavy to carry/wear :sad:
  5. I saw a Grace once at an Off Fifth and it didn't stay open very well. I agree the closure was weak for such a heavy bag.
  6. Are you just referring to the magnetic closure? Or the kiss-lock?

    Personally, I wouldn't mind if the magnetic closure isn't really secure, because I'd put my valuables in the middle kiss-lock compartment.
  7. This has the kisslock... and it seems to pop open a lot if you put anything remotely heavy in it. I suppose you can get a cobbler to tighten it, but that could weaken the metal.