does anyone own BOTH a TIVOLI GM and a GALLIERA PM??

which is the better bag??

  • Tivoli GM

  • Galliera PM

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Nov 26, 2006
If so, can you post comparison MODELING pics?? And could you tell me which one you like better and why??

Awhile back I got the Tivoli GM but returned it cuz it was damaged. I have since been thinking about it often but then the Galliera PM came out and it's so darn now I'm torn on which to get since I can only get one.

Right now the only LV I own are the BV, Coussin GM and Damier Sophie. SO I'm in need of a bigger bag!!

And can anyone else put in their input too?? Which is the better bag??


Jul 30, 2007
I don't have both currently, but I do have the Galliera PM and I had the Tivoli GM... and I will say without any hesitation that I much prefer the Galliera! So much more comfortable!


Nov 26, 2006

yeah I saw these that keokicat posted but I wanted modeling pics on the same person for size reference on


Apr 5, 2008
I own both, I just came home with my Galliera PM yesterday from a trip to New Orleans. It was a combo gift from my dh for birthday/Mother's Day (also got a Violette Vernis Cles!!).
Anyhoo, after wearing my Tivoli GM for a couple of weeks and now switching to the Galliera today, I can tell you how I felt. The Galliera PM is MUCH more comfy under the arm. Lighter, closer to the body, and with only one strap. The pros of the Tivoli however, are that it's opening is much bigger and wider, and I could retrieve items inside of it while it's still on my shoulder, by dropping the outside strap off my shoulder. I love both style-wise, and I know I will go back and forth between both. I feel like the Tivoli is a BIT more "formal" than the Galliera, so maybe I will use it more for dressier occasions and stick with the Galliera for everyday. They are pretty comparable in terms of space, the Tivoli is a bit wider at the bottom so your stuff is more spread out than the Galliera. It kind of piles up in the Galliera. Good luck deciding, I LOVE THEM BOTH, lol!!


Feb 10, 2007
Galliera is much more comfortable to carry and the single strap is easier to handle than two straps on Tivoli. It's also more low key but yet very cute. I voted for Galliera.
Jan 12, 2008
Southern Cali
I only have the Tivoli GM and had tried on the Galliera at the boutique. I love both but prefer the Tivoli GM better because it is easier to retrieve things with the wide zipper and is easier to find and put things back into the bag. The Tivoli GM is more formal and I dont have to take the purse off my shoulder when I get things, my wallet, out of my bag.


Feb 27, 2007
I was deciding between Tivoli GM and Galliea PM last week as well. The two bags are about the same size, price, and both are beautiful. At first, I love Tivoli PM, but it is way too small. Tivoli GM seems somwhat bulky when carry on the shoulder, while Galliera PM is super comfortable and chic. Finally, with DH's help, we decided on Galliera PM!


over the moon
Aug 8, 2007
i voted for the galliera pm. i really like the tivoli, but just in the pm not the gm. i think the galliera is indeed more casual maybe but still very gorgeous.