Does anyone own both 06 Ink and Officier? Comparison shots?

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  1. Does anyone have side by side Ink and Officier shots?

    Can someone please confirm...Is there more purple undertones in Ink than Officier?

    What are the Officier leathers like, generally?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Thanks, meganka!

    KDC - there are a number of comparison shots in the reference thread (posted by other tPFers too). Officier is darker and more blue, though it looks just like a luscious blueberry in the sun. Ink is more ashy and has more purple undertones.

    Here's another shot (which I didn't post in the reference thread) for comparison):

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  3. thanks michk, i've been wanting to see this comparison.
  4. Thanks Mich, that's exactly what I was looking for. I have a Blueberry & Marine...So I think Ink would be a better next buy for me. I don't own any purple at all!
  5. :huh:OPS!
    wrong post..
  6. Ink is FABULOUS... Blueberry and Marine are really BLUE blues... whereas Ink has those other undertones :smile: