Does anyone own anything in Blue Jean in BOX leather?

  1. I have seen small accessories in it and it is so pretty............maybe a little washed out color wise compared to togo?? Its hard to tell. Wondered if they had ever made bags out of Blue Jean box.
  2. Yes they did, but it was SUCH a long time ago. If you think the colour was "washed out" in the small accessories you saw, perhaps they were actually veau mirroir in blue jean, not box? Blue Jean in box is usually the true Blue Jean looks paler in epsom & v.mirroir, from what I've seen.
  3. Wow- I didn't even know there was such a thing as BJ box. It'd be interesting to see it IRL....
  4. I've only seen BJ in chamonix, very nice!
  5. I have seen a darker blue in box, but as men's briefcase. It looks great.
  6. ^ could be thalassa...that is a great blue!
  7. Hermesaholic - I actually saw this bag in person 4 months ago and I believe it is box BJ. I am not an expert, so I will let the others decide if it is indeed a BJ Box Birkin.:smile:
    BJ Box.jpg BJ Box 2.jpg
  8. ^^^From what I see, it looks like chamonix. A closeup of the grain would be helpful.
  9. I have two additional close up pics of the same bag. Chamonix or Box???
    bj box 3.jpg BJ birkin4.jpg
  10. See the thin lines that run across the grain? Box will have that, chamonix is much, much smoother. So I now change my mind to say it's box.

  11. ditto --definitely box
  12. Thanks HG! I am always learning so much from you. (and it's not just the kinky stuff);).
  13. Okay--I was offered this bag from a reseller (they say its box leather, but I dont believe it, i think its swift)--these are the pix. Thoughts? J stamp...........
    hermes name.jpg hermes front.jpg hermes back.jpg hermes front 1.jpg hermes interior.jpg
  14. Looks like Swift. I really see the grain in the first picture. The bag slouches a little and in the interior shot, I don't see the grain of chevre, so I'm inclined to think Swift lining as well.
  15. the interior is what stopped me. also--box has a sheen/some shine..........there is no shine to be seen
    hermes key.jpg hermes strap.jpg