Does anyone own anything from this Gucci color family?


Feb 11, 2019
Back in 2011, before my husband was to go overseas, we were living in Hawaii and he took me into the Gucci store at Ala Moana and got this wallet for me. The idea was to later buy a matching bag, as it was a stretch for us at the time to get the wallet. Years later, we never got the bag but the wallet still has a home with me and is in pretty good condition considering it was used/handled every single day for about 6 years until I finally started carrying other things. I have no idea what this is called, as I didn't follow the designer closely, just wanted to own something and the blue really caught my eye. I'm curious what bags were ever made that matched this, but since I don't know what it's called I never know what to search. Thanks for letting me share!

IMG_2774.JPG IMG_2775.JPG