Does anyone own any of the LV luggage?

  1. I would REALLY love to have some LV luggage, but I would be too afraid that it would get stolen! I would really love a keepall, too! But, I think that these draw too much attention!?!?! Also, would LOVE the hug old trunk in the window at the LV store! Gorgeous;)
  2. i am obsessed with the luggage.

    I have the Pegase60 in the monocanvas. It does not get checked, it is strictly for carry-on for the flight.

    For car travel, I have the DamierAzurKeepall55.

    Don't worry about the attention it will bring, LV was made for the traveler. I was just in the Frankfurt airport and LV was all around not just the handbags. Go for it!
  3. I have 3 keepalls, (mono 50w/ strap, black mc, blue tobago) The Taiga Ivan, the Damier Geant Pionnier, and Mono Sac Squash, yes some of these are regular bags but they can be used on a plane as well as a smaller or larger carryon.

    I dont and will never check my luggage, but I do recommend the luggage! its gorgeous!
  4. no, not yet.
    My family doesn't travel much, but when we do, each one of us has like 2-3 HUGE suitcases. I find it awkward if we have a few LV luggage pieces and then all the rest are "normal" luggages, kwim? So until I can afford to get a trunk and carry everything LV, I'm not going to think about getting luggage.
  5. me & my BF have a keepall 55 & a pegase 60 each yes it does attract some stares when it's all stacked up on the trolleys, we check the pegase and take the keepall's on.

    I have checked them many times and the still look fab. It is an absolute dream to travel with but you need the shoulder strap with the keepall because the do get heavy.

    In fall when they bring out the MC pegase I want to get an white one & keepall for me and a black on and keepall for my BF (we like to coordinate)
  6. Oh and when we move to a bigger house (way off in the future) and want to get a few trunks and hatbox to stack in the corner of the room.
  7. Keepall is a good choice :smile:

    but I also like Sirius, Alize etc
  8. Thanks for the feedback! My husband just doesn't think that I would use it that much! But, it will last forever!!

    I love the part in the movie the Titanic when they are about to get on the ship - they have ton of LV luggage!!
  9. i have the Monogram Carryall as my first luggage piece. it makes a great weekend/overnight bag, and as a carryon bag :yes:


  10. I have both the Pegase 60 and the keepall, and have checked in the pegase and used the keepall as a carryon. The Pegase holds up great, but I do allow some scratches as I think that luggage is meant to be used. It's up to you really, and I know people tend to have different opinions about this. However, the Pegase as a rolling suitcase is a dream, because the wheels are of high quality, and that makes pulling it really light and smooth.

    I usually get some looks while traveling, but in these times of high security on airports I don't really think that someone would dare to steal someone else's luggage, and I always buy travel insurance when I go somewhere.

    Enjoy picking your luggage!

  11. so true you can pull it with your little finger even when super full
  12. get a keepall, its a must have bag for travel.
  13. yeuxhonnets - that is a gorgeous piece, I would love to get one of those ..
  14. I was thinkingsabout getting the Mono Keepall 50 or in Damier!
  15. If you're worried about theft, you should get something in a line that doesn't scream LV (epi, tiaga etc)

    I think LV luggage is a super good investment...nice looking and should hold up pretty nicely iver time.