Does anyone own an Ottone colored BV?

  1. Hi, I'm looking to purchasing a Sloane this coming weekend. I was wondering if anyone had a BV bag in the color "Ottone" (goldish) & would be willing to share there pictures, and a snapshot of a Sloane interior. :rolleyes: Thanks.

  2. I'd love to see pictures too, such a pretty color! The Ottone, I believe, is more of a bronze color, and the interior is a darker beige.
  3. This is the smaller flap cosmetic pouch/clutch in Ottone. I don't know if it will help. The Sloane is so much larger.
  4. That color sounds beautiful, can't wait to see any pics that show it!

  5. Thanks for the picture, it looks like a really rich warm gold. I'm being told by a couple BV associates that the Ottone is a limited color, I'm just worried it'll be too flashy as an everyday bag.
  6. The colour is amazing..... if it's a warm gold with no gold/sparkly specks, then I would say it's appropriate for day. I like it very much.
  7. It's not flashy or shiny gold; it's more burnished, subtle gold. I didn't realize the Sloane came in Ottone. I'd want to see that IRL.
  8. :yes: That's true. Which is such a bummer cos it's such a gorgeous warm gold, which could def be a suitable colour for a day bag IMO.
  9. They have a Sloane at the S.F. BV in Ottone, but it's in goat skin, which is interesting...
  10. I may have seen this color. I know it was a limited edition and while I was in the boutique they sold two and had one left. They were trying to get me to buy it. I loved the color! Very unique and beautiful.