Does anyone own an LV denim bag?

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  1. I love the baggy pm and the baggy gm but they are both over $1000!! I wouldn't think a denim bag would have much classic value??

    Just curious if anyone has one. Thanks. :biggrin:
  2. i do not but my good friend does- and she loves it. she is in awe that a denim bag costs that much, i must say. i am in awe that she would pay it! she is my hero.:amuse:
  3. Hi pursedoc! Have you seen it close up? Is it awesome? :smile:
  4. The denim line is absolutely GORGEOUS. The brass accents and vachetta really amp it up, plus it's a great casual bag with just the right amount of bling. :smile:
  5. I agree about the prices ... so I compromised and bought a mini pleaty ....
  6. aww the mini pleaty is adorable! i love that you can wear it on the shoulders
  7. Ask Star3777, she has quite a few!
  8. I have the denim baggy pm and love it:love: When the mini pleaty came out, I swore I would buy it asap. However, when I went to LV to try it on, I couldn't get myself to pay that amount for a small bag that wouldn't fit enough for me. And as mentioned earlier, the price was very high for denim UNTIL I eye balled the baggy pm. It was so pretty, had more leather trim, and FEET under the bag - I love the feet:biggrin: Also, I purchased the longer strap to attach to the bag to wear across my body. Of course, the price was still up there, so after selling off a few other LV's, it didn't seem too bad of a price:shame: I highly recommend the baggy pm:P
  9. The baggy pm looks AWESOME- too cute!:love:
  10. i have the neo speedy and the baggy pm .

    love the denim. its a beautiful fabric. though i put them away with with rain and snow. definitely a 'goodwweather bag.....'

    thinking of getting the baggy gm.....should have got that instead of the pm. (looks very similar to the neo)

    love them all!
  11. How do you think they will hold up? I own some Coach and Dooney bags, but nothing as expensive as these LV's. I would almost be afraid to use a bag that cost over $1000.
  12. I love my denim lv's, they are a necessity in the summer now. I know I will wear them for many years and enjoy them because I really LOVE them! I had my Initials engraved in gold on the tag of the tote...really cute. Clanalois, thanks for remembering parts of my collection, that's a nice compliment I think!:P

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  13. I have a mini pleaty and I absolutely love it! It is kind of expensive..
  14. I have the speedy and pleaty. The fabric is awesome! I love the fabric so much that i bought the matching denim jacket and pants and skirt and shorts.. ha ha ha :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: (though i won't wear them all together)
  15. So do you carry these bags with you everywhere (school, work, grocery store, etc. etc.?) Any signs of wear and tear? Are you "extra careful" with them?