Does anyone own an LV denim bag?

Jane Ann

Purse Princess
Oct 18, 2005
I love the baggy pm and the baggy gm but they are both over $1000!! I wouldn't think a denim bag would have much classic value??

Just curious if anyone has one. Thanks. :biggrin:
I have the denim baggy pm and love it:love: When the mini pleaty came out, I swore I would buy it asap. However, when I went to LV to try it on, I couldn't get myself to pay that amount for a small bag that wouldn't fit enough for me. And as mentioned earlier, the price was very high for denim UNTIL I eye balled the baggy pm. It was so pretty, had more leather trim, and FEET under the bag - I love the feet:biggrin: Also, I purchased the longer strap to attach to the bag to wear across my body. Of course, the price was still up there, so after selling off a few other LV's, it didn't seem too bad of a price:shame: I highly recommend the baggy pm:P
i have the neo speedy and the baggy pm .

love the denim. its a beautiful fabric. though i put them away with with rain and snow. definitely a 'goodwweather bag.....'

thinking of getting the baggy gm.....should have got that instead of the pm. (looks very similar to the neo)

love them all!
I love my denim lv's, they are a necessity in the summer now. I know I will wear them for many years and enjoy them because I really LOVE them! I had my Initials engraved in gold on the tag of the tote...really cute. Clanalois, thanks for remembering parts of my collection, that's a nice compliment I think!:P


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I have the speedy and pleaty. The fabric is awesome! I love the fabric so much that i bought the matching denim jacket and pants and skirt and shorts.. ha ha ha :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: (though i won't wear them all together)