Does anyone own an ink first or twiggy?

  1. I am seriously lemming the ink color.. At first, I was convinced that I HAD to have a cornflower twiggy (and quite frankly, even now, I find myself looking at some of the cornflower pics on this forum :love:).. but I think the ink color is just fabulous. Only thing is, I don't think I want a city. I'm only 5'1" and don't carry around as much as the other ladies. My only b-bag is my magenta first and that's fine. Do you think that the ink color would not look as great in the first or twiggy style? If anyone owns these purses, wouold you mind posting up a pic of yourself with it? (Or just by itself is fine too, actually.) Even pics of celebs is fine.. heh I just want to see the bag in these sizes. The aloha rag .pdf just didn't do it for me.. hehe :biggrin:

  2. I don't have one but have a pic emailed to me from Cultstatus in Australia. It's a gorgeous colour and I think it works in the First too. Talking about lemming.. I like the Purse in ink:biggrin:.
  3. OH. MY.

    That's so pretttttttttty.

    Man I can't wait to see how it'll look in the twiggy.
    The more I look at the color, the more I think it can't go wrong!

    PS. Thank you so much!!!!
  4. I am in the same boat! 5'1 & I don't think I can get a city so I am on the lookout for a first!
  5. I have the ink in the city and it's great. I also saw it in the twiggy and it works really well. In fact, it is wonderful and if I had seen it before the city, I probably would have picked that one up first. Personally, I find the first too small for such "neutral" colors, I think the style works better with brighter colors....

    But I do have to ask, what's the bag in the background? It's gorgeous!!!
  6. BalenciagaLove: You know, you may be right about the first and neutral colors.. I love my magenta first- after seeing it in person, I realized that I would not have it in any other size. But do you think the ink is very neutral? I haven't been able to see it in person, so I don't know. It looks to be a very vibrant alternative to black.
  7. I love the ink color (have it in the City like most here do) AND I love the twiggy (I would like an origan in the twiggy style). So the two together I would imagine to be a great combination!
  8. BL: Cultstatus refers to it as the Shoulder Hook or Hook Shoulder. I know Balenciaga also have one which is a Hook Duffle and I remember a PFer got one in ink somewhere..

    Kattiepie: If you're wanting a bag that's close to black but not, then ink is your man, so to speak:biggrin:. My friend has a First in black and until I saw it, I thought it would be bleh.. but it's so nice! The ink would be the perfect alternative!
  9. I really love the first and the twiggy. Have you seen the ink twiggys on ebay. Im pretty sure onefor sure is legit, but I would have our girls double check it. Also, I am 5ft. 2 , I have a first (really love it) and the twiggy is a wonderful size too. Looks great on. Let us know what you decide. The ink in these two bags look FAB!
  10. i just receive my ink twiggy.. and i love it so much..:love: :love:
  11. I think there was a pic of the ink Twiggy on the post about colors spotted in SF...check the thread for that one. The ink (I, too, have the ink City) is the perfect blend of neutral AND a punch of color. Indoors it looks close to navy, but outside it is a vibrant blue-purple color. I don't think you can go wrong with this color in ANY size. BTW, I am 5'3" and the City is perfect for me. But a First or Twiggy would also be gorgeous in the ink.
  12. Hey ETenebris!
    Your are such a proud new owner of such a beautiful new Ink City, Have you thought about using it as you avatar? It would be so cool if all of us Bbag girls could somehow arrange for one of our Balenciaga bags to be shown all the time to everyone. What do you girls think? :smile:
  13. I just posted on your other thread! If I can get a decent pic of the's so hard to get the dark ones to show up in the avatar because it's tiny! Maybe I should send back BOTH of my Ediths and get MORE Balenciaga!!!
  14. With the ink. I have found that really bright light works super well. It really makes the color POP. Ink is by far one of my most fav colors! Let me tell ya, Bbags are a serious addiction, I have the same problem:nuts:
  15. Okay ladies... I think I've decided.. Ink twiggy it is! :love:

    Now if only I can find one with decent leather. :biggrin: