Does anyone own an authentic Botkier Stirrup bag?

  1. I purchased a Botkier stirrup bag on eBay and it appears to be exactly as the picture on the Botkier website of the Spring 2005 stirrup.

    My question there is a pocket on the outside of the bag on the sides of the bag near the zippers. I can't tell from the pictures whether this is a pocket or a seam.

    The one I have there is a second compartment on the outside of the bag that is lined in the Botkier lining but there is no closure.

    Can anyone offer any insight whether this compartment was on an authentic bag?

  2. I can't confirm on a stirrup, but i can say that on the triggers there is a hidden pocket on the outside of the bag...i think that is a "thing" they were doing for a should try calling the studio, they are very botkier...IHTH!
  3. I have a Stirrup bag its the Fall 05 model and I think I understand your question, it has the hidden pocket outside with no closure - you can slip gloves, or a magazine in there or something but it doesn't zip up or anything.
  4. Yes. that sounds like the pocket. The pocket opens from the left or right side so you could probably slip somthing in there. Thanks. From the photos I hav seen of te stirrup I always thought it was a seam.