Does anyone own an Alexa clutch?

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  1. I love this in the Oak Leopard but not sure how practical it will be.
    Does anyone own one of these?
    I think it's quite a lot of money for just a clutch, do you think it might hit the summer sale??
    Any thoughts??
  2. i think these are very expensive clutches! i think it might be something that enters the sales?
    i would love one but wouldnt pay the amount they are!?
  3. I'd say they are a dead cert to be in the sale at that price. It would be one I'd want to try before buying in case the straps got in the way of holding it in hand or close to the body.
  4. I know, I love them but for an extra £200 odd you can buy a full size Alexa.
  5. yes wait until the sales!
  6. I would definately buy one if I had occasions when I could use a clutch. Sadly I don't and therefore wouldn't use it. If I could justify buying one for the sake of it I would as I think they are lovely.
  7. they are beautiful!
  8. I adore them, and everytime I go to Mulberry I sigh, BUT the price is too expensive. I wanted a pink clutch, and ended up going for the Lulu Guinness lip one, as the price for the Alexa clutch (compared to the full size bag) was imo just far too high.
  9. ^ would love the brown leopard if it ever went on sale tho heeheeee ;)
  10. I have a pink leopard one, as I loved the style and colour and as I go out a lot there are a lot of occasions where I knew I'd use it and it wouldn't be just sitting in its box. I agree it is expensive for a clutch [though I got mine for £70 cheaper than the retail price as I live in the channel islands and VAT is not applicable here] but it's very roomy inside, lovely looking and gets lots of compliments. I'm thrilled to bits with mine! However I bought mine as a first mulberry too, to see if I thought it was worth the money before I splashed out more on a bayswater [which is next on the list!!] :biggrin:
  11. Thanks for the imput, hopefully this will go into the sale?
  12. yes i think there will be a few of us wanting them!
  13. Í'd say the will end up in sale somewhere! Def. in smaller sales points?!
  14. i think they will prob make it to the sales based on the high price, i would rather pay a bit more for the lovely Alexa, i think they are lovely but could never spend that much on a clutch .
  15. I'd love a OL clutch - think it's beautiful! Saw the fashion show video earlier tonight and they will come next season too, but in other colours. It is a great size, I think, and fairly easy to carry - relatively flat and squashy.

    Hope it will make it to the sales. Got optimistic here now when so many believe it will:smile: