Does anyone own a white maxi?

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I am interested in purchasing a white maxi (the one with the shorter flap) (the larger bag) - does anyone have this in a white lambskin? (not caviar)?
    I'd love to see pictures to make sure I like it before I begin hunting for it.
  2. Only the very brave do...
  3. haha... It's so pretty... But i've not seen pictures of the lambskin only the caviar...
  4. i totally agree!:faint::faint:
  5. Haha! I have wanted a white soft caviar maxi for a while now, and I agree, I was too scared...... BUT I a lovely TPF'er pointed me in the direction of one on AFF, less then retail, w/ the box and cards, excellent condition.... so I gave in!

    But......... I put it on layaway so I can still buy bags in the spring collection and I don't have to hear "Seriously, another one?!" :lecture:

    Don't have it yet, but I think I will give in and pay the remaining balance because I want it right now and will just hide it in the closet until I can say... "What do you mean? I have always had this!"

    But I have to say, I would be too nervous about white lambskin .......
  6. u mean the 2009 maxi ? the one with bigger CC logo and smaller flap and more squarish than the maxi jumbo 2010 ?

    i think my cousin has one...
  7. Yes... thats the one! Could you sneak a picture of it? ;)
  8. what's AFF?
  9. Ann's Fabulous Finds :biggrin:
  10. thanks!