Does anyone own a Vitamix?

  1. I ended up ordering the Blendtec from the QVC special the other day because I wanted to compare the Vitamix to the Blendtec. I love the Vitamax, but the tall size is something that really bothers me. I know there is a smaller canister, but I didn't want to pay extra for it. I will post a comparision review once it arrives!
  2. Awesome! I can't wait to hear how it compares to the Vitamix.
  3. I bought the vitamix probably two months ago after getting tired of cleaning my juicer. I found the vitamix to be alot more easier to clean and the best comparison is that there is no waste in pulp! I use it probably twice a day to make berry smoothies. Lately I've also been brewing green tea and using that as the liquid base for my fruit smoothies!

    I found its also a good way to use up fruits laying in the kitchen. I will wash, cut and freeze most fruit that hasn't been eaten and then add them to my smoothies!
  4. Glad to hear you like your VitaMix! I absolutely love mine! I use it at least once a day, sometimes more. It was definitely worth the money!
  5. I have been considering a Vitamix forever ... especially since I read the Beauty Detox that rec's the Glowing Green Smoothie.

    I've been making the GG Smoothie in our Magic Bullet, which works for now. I'm going to get some frozen berries and really mix it up tomorrow--no pun intended! LOL
  6. My husband and I own a Vitamix. We love it to make things such as smoothies and soups. I believe you can even mix cake batter in it. I have been successful at mixing the ingredients to make french toast in it. I will have to look at the cook book that came with the Vitamix more closely this weekend to see what recipes I can come up with.
  7. I wanted to bump this thread because I recently ordered the new Vitamix when QVC had it as its TSV a few days ago. Vitamix finally made a blender with a 64 oz container that fits under the counter! And the new model (7500) is supposed to be more powerful, yet quieter.

    I liked the Blendtec a lot but didn't love it ~ I did notice a difference when I made green smoothies in each blender.

    I can't wait to get my new Vitamix! I'll try to post my thoughts once it arrives.
  8. I would love to hear a review. I burned out our magic bullet and have been using an old practically vintage blender from my parents' house.

    Does the vitamin ever go on sale at Costco?
  9. It does ~ I think you can check on Vitamix's website and see when the Vitamix's demonstration booth is at the Costco in your area. That's usually when they have the sale. Sometimes they have it at Whole Foods too.

    I will make sure to post a review when it arrives! :smile: I had the 5200 before and loved it but ultimately ended up returning it because of the height of the canister. I'm excited that they solved that issue with the new model.
  10. Awesome advice; thank you!!!
  11. I don't know if their price is a sale price but I do know that the 5200 is a "regular item" right now but the newer one 7500 is a roadshow only item. When they have the people from vitamix coming into the store doing demonstrations. I keep getting tempted by it, but I"m afraid if I buy it that it will end up sitting around being unused.
  12. I was afraid of this, too, but I started making green smoothies for breakfast, and the healthy feeling of multiple servings of fruits & veggies first thing in the morning is ADDICTIVE! I feel so fresh & clean; energized for the day that I burned out the motor in our Magic Bullet and use my parents' blender I am borrowing daily.

    It's time to invest. I'm just wishing & waiting for a Costco sale.
  13. I've been toying with the idea of adding smoothies to my diet so I can help get more veggies in my diet. I'm a little lax on my diet ATM due to the time of year between the holidays and travel but I generally try to eat a low GI diet(I have pcos and this is the best type of diet for my condition). I think I recall a smoothie thread on here somewhere I'll have to see if they have any good low gi smoothies.
  14. Just wanted to let you know I got my blender last night and made a green smoothie this morning. It gets 5 stars from me - I love the smaller height and it's quieter then the Vitamix I owned before.


    It sounds like Vitamix would be well worth it for you! Besides Costco, keep your eye on QVC too. I bet they will run another special on it soon!
  15. ^ It's adorable, too! I can't wait to get one. My deal hunting eyes are peeled!