Does anyone own a Vitamix?

  1. **Oops...I have a Vitamix..forgot to add**:smile:
  2. Love the machine.

    The noise, ugh. Thinking about having a plastic container made like they use on QVC.
  3. Anyone regret purchasing a blender?
  4. What model Vitamix does everyone have?
  5. This is good to know -- thanks! I made smoothies for my kids in my old blender using frozen berries and they kept spitting the seeds out! :lol:

    I recently ordered this one:
  6. I went to Costco today and got the 5200 model. It came with the DVD, cookbook, and blending stick. :yahoo:

    I just tried the Glowing Green Smoothie (thanks for posting the link!) and also added a scoop of EAS chocolate whey protein. It was surprisingly pretty tasty and I can't wait to incorporate this into my everyday diet. It will be much easier to consume the daily recommended servings of fruits and veggies.
  7. my love my vitamix! Greatest investment ever. Even my event makeup artist who I haven't seen in months said I looked younger. Been doing the Kimberly Snyder green smoothies every morning.
  8. Awesome!! The Kimberly Snyder's Glowing Green Smoothie is the first one I'm going to make when I get my VitaMix!
  9. Yay!! I've been researching whey protein powders. Is EAS the brand name of the one you're using?
  10. It is! I've been using it for a few years now and love it. It has 23g of protein per scoop but low fat, calories, carbs, sodium etc. and the taste is pretty good!

    Definitely post when your Vitamix arrives! I made the KS smoothie again today, but substituted strawberries instead of the apple.

  11. How much was it at Costco? I might have to make a trip this week to check it out. Reading all these posts has convinced me i need one now:lol:
  12. QVC has a 90 oz. Blendtec blender for around $330 w/ free shipping today! Includes spatula, recipe book, and DVD. I wish I had seen this before ordering the Vitamix!
  13. Do you not like the Vitamix?
  14. Hi, DC-Cutie! I haven't received it yet - it's supposed to be arriving today - but I'm sure it's going to be wonderful. I was just a little miffed that I could have saved $100 if I had waited and ordered the Blendtec.