Does anyone own a very exclusive, rare, hard-to-find Tokidoki bag? Does one exist?

  1. Any pictures of it? If you don't own one, do you know of one that you'd like to buy?
  2. One of the girls on here has a Mamma. That's pretty hard to find now and they don't make it anymore.
  3. I think everybody will say Foresta zucca, atleast I would.
    It's not exclusive but it is hard to find.

  4. I agree.. Foresta Zucca. If I ever find one I'm buying it.
  5. my aunt has an original mamma =)
  6. I think the original mamma is cute, but ehh i still dont like the mesh pockets lol.
  7. I have an original print Bambione, which I think is pretty hard to find.
  8. foresta bambinone sounds interesting. now that i think about it, that does seem pretty hard to find... nobody ever talks about an original bambinone....
  9. oooh the original mammas...
  10. If I ever found a foresta zucca I'd totally buy it!
  11. Yes, Playground anything!! I have tracked down so much of what I've wanted, but Playground eludes me.
  12. I agree - Playground anything is very very very rare
    Also the discontinueds - Angioletto and Mamma - the latter much harder to find
  13. I have a playground mamma mia and i haven't seen anyone w/ that. =]