does anyone own a toy watch?

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  1. I was browsing SFA and NM websites and saw how they were both selling Toy Watches. They look really cute! Does anyone here own one? Do they look good in person? Thanks!
  2. I like the white ceramic one and the skull pave one, but those are on back order until August. :tdown:
  3. I've never heard of those before (well until I saw your post and googled them). They look pretty cute, one looks just like the j12. The pave skull one that LVShoeFan2 mentioned looks the best IMO.
  4. i used to have one... i really liked it- they're pretty big so its fun!
  5. I have a red one! i love it its really funky
  6. I have one with a pink bezel, white dial, clear band, and one with a gold/black bezel and gold dial, clear acrylic band. They are a lot of fun.

    At one time I noticed ADASA had some models for a better price than even the Toy Watch website. FYI you can order from TOY Watch directly - that's where I got mine. Maybe the ones on b/o at the dept store sites are in stock at Toy Watch?
  7. A lot of celebrities wear them! They are really hot lately!
  8. Are they pretty durable or strictly fashion watch? Do you wear it everyday?
  9. Is ADASA a safe place to order from?
  10. Anyone? :shrugs:
  11. I was at a local retailer and had this watch in my hand:
    It was such a neat & fun piece! I figured I'd go back and get it, but now I'm kicking myself for not buying it because I can't find it anywhere!!!! :sad:
  12. I have ordered Juicy charms from ADASA without any problems.

  13. Ok, thanks! I hadn’t checked back to see if anyone had answered. :biggrin:
  14. yah
    been "watching" them for a while but never gotten to really getting them
  15. i thought they looked really cool in the catalog, but when i went to check them out in real life, i thought they felt kinda cheap