Does anyone own a Tambourin? How much does it hold?

  1. I have been looking at the Tambourin ever since I decided that I would like a bag that I can wear across my body. I would only be carrying a few essentials (keys w/ cles, cellphone, wallet), so I thought this might work. Does anyone have a pic of their Tambourin with items inside just to give me an idea of how much stuff can fit in there? It would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I have it- and I am currently selling it on ebay! i love the bag, but since i have had a baby, i never use it! it is in pristine condition, as i've only carried it a couple of times. you can fit a lot in in- cell phone, wallet (i carry a fp) sunglasses, lipgloss, keys... i'll see if i can get a photo for you...
  3. I saw a girl wearing one when I was downtown yesterday and thought it looked incredibly cute. I like the shape, and it's a fun, young, bag.
  4. how do you post pics on this? thanks!
  5. You have the option to go into "advanced mode"--you'll know when you see all of the emoticons to the right and the word options on top. Click on the paperclip, browse your HD for pics, then upload your pics. Don't forget to click on the "upload" button before closing the window--I always do that!
  6. i think ifigured it out...
  7. thanks for the help- my files are too big- even though i keep making them smaller... i'm not a computer hacker :smile: by any means- sorry! i can email you the photo, if you like!
  8. Thanks for trying for me. If you can fit a French Purse in there along with the other items you mentioned, it must be roomier than I thought. I don't think I'll have any trouble getting my stuff in there. :flowers:
  9. :yahoo: Since it is our anniversary next month (9 years), DBF said he is going to buy me the Tambourin! :yahoo:
  10. Hi ArmCandyLuvr,

    Did you say NINE yrs??? and DBF -wow. Sounds like a sweety. Post pics when you get it.
  11. Hiya,

    sorry to come so late to this one, but I've been thinking of getting the tambourin for my upcoming (gulps:Push: ) 36th birthday. And I searched up a thread rather than duplicate it.:flowers:

    Reasons why I want this baby? I like the styling, like my mum's handbag when I was a wee 'un (in the 70's) and it's in my price range once I've got all the other things I'd like.:angel:

    Please e-mail me or PM me any pics anyone has of it in use, and I've sub'd to this thread if anyone has a piccie to post - I know it's cheeky to ask but I don't want to have to schlep my lazy butt down to LV in Selfridges only to feel let down!:confused1:

    Hope that's okay to ask,:smile: