does anyone own a suede mk bag?

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  1. hi all,
    was wondering if any of you own a suede mk bag? if so, how does it hold up and what did you treat it with?
  2. Do you already own one or are you thinking of buying one?

    The reason I ask is because suede scares me to death and I would never buy one. I had a Coach bag once that had some suede on it, and it was a dirt magnet. And it's not because Coach suede is somehow inferior - the SA at the MK store told me that their suede bags do have to be treated with a lot more care - you have to be very careful about color transfer and that it can be next to impossible to remove color transfer. She agreed with me about it being a dirt magnet.

    Anyway, I wouldn't buy one just because I'd be too paranoid. I baby my bags and suede still scares me. Once I got that little bit of color transfer on my Coach bag I never felt the same about it and sold it - I cannot handle *any* dirt of any kind on my bags and can't carry one that is showing any signs of wear. But that's just me.
  3. thanks for your feedback it's helped me make the decision!!!
  4. I used to avoid suede at all costs, until I fell in love with a bag and decided to try it. I used Apple Care leather products on all my bags, so as with the other bags, I sprayed this one with the Rain & Stain Repellent, and the suede became a non-issue. I've used the bag on a daily basis, without any extra care or measures, and it's fine.

    If you're considering the MK Patchwork Rehearsal Drawstring Satchel...I would run to get it!