Does anyone own a steamer for clothes?

  1. I hate having wrinkled clothes so I spend a lot of time ironing, just wondering if anyone owns a steamer & if it takes less time than ironing? Also, I heard it's better to invest in a high end steamer any thoughts?
  2. Love mine! I don't know if mine is considered high end, it was about $100 and works great. It is the kind that sits on the floor with a big water reservoir. It does not press crisp like an iron, but takes out wrinkles and works great on knits and golf shirts. Got mine from London Drugs- made by Conair
  3. i'm looking into a steamer too!
    i'd love to read the thoughts of anyone else who has one.
  4. I have a jiffy steamer.
    Its the one they use at white house black market express and the limited.
    They use ordinary tap water and I've had it for over 4 years.
    And I've even used it on silk!
  5. Which model do you have?
  6. My mother in law has the woodhandeled one that she bought after me.

    I have the j-4000.