Does anyone own a Spazzolato bag??

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  1. Does any one have a Spaz leather bag (excuse the abbreviation).
    Does it mark, crease or transfer colour easily?
    Would a bag charm mark it?
    Any advice??
  2. Don't know if this is still any use to you, as I see you've just ordered the lovely lilac bays in spaz. I don't own any Mulberry spazzy leather, but I have a prada that is pretty much the same. It is in perfect condition, with only minor scratching. The handle is sort of 'blistered' and cracked though, but I don't think your bag will have that problem as it has rolled handles (mine has a kelly-style handle). I think you've made the right choice ordering that bag :tup:
  3. thanks Graciella....I saw it on NAP about a month ago and absolutely loved the colour.
  4. I've got a raspberry Spaz bayswater.......................snapped it up on Xmas day:rolleyes: no problems whatsoever.................