does anyone own a Sonatine?

  1. and if so, is it strictly hand held or can you get your arm through the straps to wear snugly over your shoulder?
  2. I don't own one, but I can answer that question, it's pretty much all handheld, unless you have freakishly skinny arms.. plus it'd be all up in your pits if you did hold it like that !
  3. thanks. I love the way all the hand-helds look but I'm such a shoulder girl.
  4. Ditto, it's so much better for shopping, since you have both hands free for browsing.. and shoving other potential buyers away ! ;)
  5. :lol:
  6. I prefer a papillon over a sonatine. They look like envelopes with handles imo.
  7. I ADORE my Sonatine! Its one of my going out bags. It does not fit over your shoulder ..but its a a darling bag. I always get tons of compliments on that bag.
  8. i have one and it definitely could NOT fit on my shoulder!!
  9. i have one too! great little clutch bag, but yeah i agree not a shoulder bag, its a hand held
  10. i have the can't fit your arms in the straps but its a great going out acutlally fits alootttt!! ( i disposible camera, house keys +car keys + compact+phone+ eyes shadow palatet....and more.........Its a really good bag to consider
  11. Me too Bagnshoofetish. :smile: I had the same question before so I tried out the Sonatine in person the other week. I :love: the red lining =) But no, it's a handheld bag all the way. For your reference,
    I can fit my pochette on my shoulder with a light coat, but alas, not the Sonatine. :cry:
  12. It's handheld only. I love it!
  13. I don't have it but love it, I just saw someone wearing it, looked great, I think its really functional
  14. I love the Sonatine! I had a hard time putting it down to get the Popincort and still think of buying it. Handheld only, but really adorable!