Does anyone own a shoe stretcher? do they work?

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  1. I bought a pair of Delman Flats recently and the toe area is quite snug and uncomfortable. However, I'm pretty sure they just need to be broken in, as my nude patent delman flats in the same exact style and size were like this until I broke them in. But this time, I'd rather not deal w/ the breaking in pain. Is there any type of at home shoe stretcher I can use? can anyone please direct me to a brand or specific product to use to do so? as I'm not near my local cobbler right now and would rather not deal w/ the hassle of finding one. Thanks!
  2. I purchased wooden shoe stretchers through QVC. They can stretch both width and length. They also have these small knob inserts to stretch out areas that rub or are bothersome.

    Since I purchased the shoe stretchers, I have been able to wear shoes that have been sitting in my closet for years. I did have shoes professionally stretched through a cobbler once, but they were overstretched and then too big (obviously the cobbler in my town is not that great).
  3. yes, they work very well. Just do it slowly and you can get a lot of stretch.
  4. I have always wondered if it was worth purchasing a kit for home use and now I will most definitely do. There are a couple of shoes that are just a tad too tight but I would love to wear rather than sell on!
  5. I own a pair of wooden shoe stretchers. They are great to own! I got mine on eBay. That way whenever I get a pair of tight shoes I never have to worry about taking them to a shoe repair and pay for them to get stretched.
  6. yes they work quite well. i don't know how i ever lived without them.
  7. How long do you need to leave them in the shoe stretcher? I tried stretching a pair of shoes and left them in for a good couple hrs and it didnt seem to do anything.
  8. It depends on what kind of material your shoes are made out of. For my patent flats, I just put in the stretchers before I went to work and I took them out when I got home from work (8 hr workday). It probably doesn't take that long but you could just leave them in overnight when you sleep or something.
  9. Has anyone ever used them on Lanvin Flats? Mine fit perfect except that the top elasticized part that goes across big toe knuckle pushes too hard and hurts - Lanvins are not supposed to hurt!
  10. I always stretch my shoes for at least one whole day, sometimes 2 days.
  11. I haven't used them on Lanvins, but it sounds like you need something like a piece of moleskin to keep them from rubbing your foot.
  12. Thanks Lori - they arent really rubbing though, just pressing down on the knuckle with pressure which hurts.
  13. Yes they work though I do not recommend you using them on patent materials when they stretch they crinkle.
  14. i second to knuckles on my feet gets really red wearing lanvin flats!
  15. I use foot petals strappy strips to ease the discomfort near the joints of the toes. I dont like the way moleskin feels and it gets really nasty if your feet sweat.