Does Anyone Own a Satin Striped Legacy Tote #12422?

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  1. Does anyone currently own a Satin Legacy Striped Tote #12422? I really love this bag and think it will be a cute Spring/Summer style bag. I'm probably going to have to get one via E-bay since the larger totes never showed up at my outlet, but I need to know how the satin material holds up? Has anyone had any problems with theirs? Is it hard to keep clean? I guess I don't even know how to clean this type of satin.

    If anyone has any pros/cons about this bag-please let me know. I really want to purchase one for Spring. :yes:
  2. I have this bag... got her for Christmas... I LOVE HER... but have not really used her yet... I too want to use her in the spring/summer/fall... but not the winter... so currently I am using a Black Signature Stripe tote.... I too would be interested in some feedback from people who have, and are using, this particular bag.....