Does anyone own a recently purchased Cartier Tank Francaise?

  1. Hi all-

    Just purchased this watch at Saks.
    It says "Swiss Made" on the front under the number 6, but does not say "Swiss Made" on the back of the case....

    Is this normal for the newer models? TIA!
  2. Hi,
    I have a small tank francaise. It was purchased from an AD about 3 years ago. It does have the "Swiss Made" under the Roman Numeral "IV" (i still think it's weird how they are upside down..). However, it does not say Swiss Made on the back. Just "Cartier," "Water Resistant," and "Stainless Steel." Well, along with the associated serial #s. The endpieces connecting the band to the watch-head are inscribed with "UFJJ" if this helps you.

    Did you purchase your watch from a Cartier AD?
  3. Hi Big Bunny,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I too have the small/ladies model, and your description matches mine exactly. The endpiece inscription is BRLC, and the serial numbers are in place.

    I purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue which is an authorized dealer here in the US.

    I feel better now...I was a little concerned.

    Thank You!
  4. Hey Cecilia,

    Oops -- I completely disregarded that second line of yours in the first post. Saks is, of course, an AD, and I hope our comparison put your mind at ease. Enjoy the watch, as it is a classic!

    By the way, which face did you get? I saw a pink mother of pearl one at a store recently. Mine's the plain white face.
  5. I have the white face...classic and beautiful. I got the two tone...the contrast between the stainless steel,the soft 18k gold, the white face, and the blue hands and bezel is stunning!

    I've wanted this watch for a while now. Today was a happy day!
  6. Congrats on a great watch! The one I have is S/S. I concur that the two-tone is really a great color combo w/ the blue hands and white face. You have great taste.
  7. Thanks! So do you.

    I love the S/S one too. I'm already thinking about getting a S/S Santos for my next one.....:smile: