Does anyone own a pumpkin bbag, can post pics here as i like to know how it's like?

  1. Hi, i recently came across this pumpkin work in another local online website. Jus wanna to know if there are such color exists as i go thru the swatches via atelier.naff website but don't seem to find any:sad: :sad:

    Does it really exists or it's actually a fake bbag in such color?

    Sorry for that as i'm not too sure abt this:heart: :heart:
  2. Pumpkin is the 04 Orange
  3. Thanks Roxane~~

    HOpefully someone can post pics on the pumpkin/orange bag for my views
  4. ^^If its definitely a pumpkin work you saw then its fake - the work style wasn't released until 2005.
  5. english_girl_900 - oh really? luckily i check it out here as i'm fine it strange too.....:smile:
  6. Yes, that is the one i'm referring...i believe it's not the pumpkin color right? like u say, it shld be rouille 06....i don't think the seller is a pfer.....but item location is actually from indonesia....:smile:
  7. That's definitely not pumpkin but rouille.
  8. Yah, i think the seller has posted wrongly on the color code for this work bag.....:smile:
  9. Oooo, you're on a hunt for Work, are ya?

    What colors are you after? There are quite a few of them on eBay right now!
  10. Celia I have a pumpkin twiggy, I'm going to post family pics today, so check them out. I love my pumpkin, it goes with every outfit and colour is so pretty not too bright!:heart:
  11. Rouille kind of does start looking more like the pumpkin color when it gets broken in, imho. It's a good compromise if you can't find a pumpkin...
  12. ^^You think? Mine looks darker now I've worn it in, but I guess all bbags are different. I love the rouille - its a real sleeper colour and it goes with more than you might think. I think it would be gorgeous in a Work.
  13. Celia ... here's my '04 pumpkin (orange) Purse ;) :heart:

    Good luck sweety :love:

  14. Can't take my eyes off this beauty:nuts:

    It's super gorgeous. Great style & color & hardware:drool: :heart: