Does anyone own a Pochette CANCUN??

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    I went and tried it on today. I'm looking for something small that would fit my cell, some cc's, cash and a lipgloss. It fit perfect but I was kinda thrown off by the really thin strap. I'm kind of afraid it will's really thin. Does anyone have this cute little thing? Has your strap broke or snapped?? Do you think it's worth $285? Also I'm not sure I'm liking how you have to tie the inside of the straps in knots to keep it in place, what if one side came undone, it would fall off you.

    I want something small to take to the zoo or Disneyland, places like that. I have a Coach swing pack, should I just keep that or get the cancun??
  2. i have it, and it's held up very well. the strap is not fragile at all, and i've used it quite a number of times. it's definitely worth it, and it's so cute too

    the Cancun would be too small to take to Disneyworld though, because you won't be able to fit anything in it except a phone, cards and money. i use my Cancun when i go out at night to clubs, and that's about it
  3. I'm not a fan of small items. If you want something for using as a night out - Hermes makes wonderful clutches in exotic skins that you may consider. If you just going to DisnayWorld, I would just use a slim Louis Vuitton clutch or perhaps a Speedy 25.
  4. maybe a pochette to go to disneyworld?
  5. Have you considered the Mini Ellipse or that new Damier Wapity-like Pochette?
  6. I don't want anything hand-held. John what damier piece?? Do you have a name or pic? the Macao clutch?? it's hand-held

    I like the rift but was looking for something a little less money.
  7. I love this bag ! I also think it looks great in Mini Lin
  8. I think it's adorable and would be great if you are clubbing or going to a theme park and just want your phone, ID, cards & some cash. If you can also put a lip balm or gloss in there too, then it would be perfect. And I totally agree that ideally you want something you don't have to hold. This would be really nice as you can wear it across your body and not worry about it falling off or being grabbed by someone.
  9. how about a pochette with a long strap?