Does anyone own a plain old Black Chloe Paddington? Can you post pics?

  1. Hi-

    All of you have so many wonderful looking bags in all beautiful colors. But do any of you have a classic black paddington? I want to buy one, but I'm thinking that maybe the color is just too plain and blah. If you have one, can you post pictures for me? Also, can let me know where you got it or where I could get one that is real smooshy and pebbly?

  2. Of course we own black paddys!!! :p I have the classic black in the medium paddy from '06 with black stitching, (which I like better than the lighter stitching), the black in the large zippy bowler, also from '06, the huge US Shopper (approx. 17x12) '06, and the mega (20x10) travel size classic paddy from '05. They are all different, even though they are all the same color!!! :nuts: The leathers are thick, smooshy and gorgeous, and I don't think it'll be hard for you to find one that you love:smile: :yahoo: Net A Porter has a black on their website and roz77772002 (on eBay) can find one for you as well, I'm sure! I even think that Bluefly has one with a brown lock if you like that! Of course the '07 leather is NOT the same as the earlier versions...but it's still a great bag!
  3. Oh, Ok. I never really see anyone's black paddy's. Just all the other beautiful colors. I thought maybe I was being a plain jane wanting a black paddy.
  4. The large brown hobo paddington ('05) was my FIRST paddy, but only because I saw it in the brown and fell in love! :heart: But if I had seen it in the black then it would have been my first as well. I think a lot of us fell in love with the style and it was just a matter of the first one you saw! :yahoo: Later, after I learned about all the colors and variations on the paddy, I really went nuts! :nuts: But black is gorgeous and a beautiful basic color:smile::smile:
  5. I just ordered one from net-a-porter today. Would you believe I will have it tomorrow according to the tracking. I can't believe it. I saw a few posts that said the 06 leather was nicer than the 07, so I made sure I got an 06 one. So far, my experience with net-a-porter has been great! They answer all your questions and quick! Can't wait til tomorrow! I"m not going to sleep all night:graucho: .
  6. IMHO there is no such thing as a "plain" black paddy. Chloe rocks!:p
  7. Net-a-porter Is A Great Source!
  8. Please let us know your thoughts when you receive it. Better yet--post pics please! Congratulations!
  9. I just love black paddys--particularly the ones with the blue gray stitching!!
  10. I like it, just the leather is sooooo stiff. I'll have to get pictures and post them. The one in the link that you posted. Is that authentic? I'm not crazy about the white stitching though.

  11. In your meet the Paddington's picture is that a black Paddy or Navy Blue? How is the leather on that purse. I couldn't blow it up to tell?
  12. hey girls
    i'm also thinking about buying a black paddy.
    actually i was always thinking about the classic one in medium, until i saw this one on bluefly: [​IMG]

    is it me or is the leather unusually shiny? does any of you own this version?
    i'm not quite sure if i like it more than the classic though... :confused1:

    cheers, aline
  13. Hi Pamella72! Did you decide to keep the Black Paddy? I have one from 06 and I love it :heart:
  14. Hi, yeah I am keeping both the black (its really nice and pebbly) and the muscade from net a porter. thanks for asking.