Does anyone own a pair of the 5076H sunnies?

  1. If you'd be willing to do me a favor and send several detailed photos to me, would you pm me please? I bought a pair from eBay and am fairly certain I got a pair of fakes. The seller maintains they are real. I think they are fake because the MOP portion is the wrong width (which I could not tell from the photos) and the information printed on the inside of the glasses is on the wrong sides. Isn't the Chanel, Made in Italy supposed to be on the right side as you are putting the glasses on, while the style numbers and color info supposed to be on the left?

    I plan on filing a chargeback or whatever, but want to make sure I am not being over paranoid.
  2. Are the MOP CC markings on these glasses supposed to be outlined in silver?
  3. No silver, the MOP is inset into the frame. Do you need pics of anything specific?

    On the right side of mine, they say CHANEL Made in Italy CE
    On the left side, 5076-H C501/87 61016 120
  4. Do you see a serial number at all engraved on the lenses?
  5. Nope, and this is one of about 7 reasons I am now certain they are fake. Thanks leamington, ltl, and Selena for your insight! I am about to go compose another email filled with righteous indignation! :smile:
  6. Tami, I have these sunglasses and there is a s/n engraved on the lenses. The Made in Italy is on the right side and numbers on the left.

    Good luck! I'm having eBay problems too with a buyer and my bag hasn't even arrived to him yet. Good grief, I am done with eBay!!
  7. tln... who did you but from?
  8. yup. same. I got scammed once with this model and ended up having to buy another pair from a high-feedback seller. a fake is very obvious. My serial number is engraved on the right lense.

    A fake starts to peel after a while and just feels so flimsy.
  9. Could someone do the same for me or just clarify if the C in the color code on the interior arm code can be upper case or if it must be lower case and followed with a period "c." like on the other styles. I checked out the ref. library and it seems as though the c should be lower case, but it also said that the fakers had't copied the laser etching stuff yet. All the black 5076's I'm finding on ebay have big C's in their codes but are also laser etched correctly. :shrugs:
  10. can't you just post them or the auction in the Authenticate This! sticky?
  11. Sorry swanky! I tried w/ no definitive response so I did a search, couldn't find an answer, found this thread and thought someone who doesn't normally frequent the auth this thread who has these shades might know. I'll try again on the other thread.
  12. sorry you're not getting anywhere there. . . I didn't check there, but I meant in general, for both of you inquiring in this thread.
  13. I have these glasses I bought from Chanel on Rodeo Drive, LA, my "c" is tiny.. do you want me to scan the arm codes in for you?
  14. oops, nevermind!