Does anyone own a pair of Coach sneakers??

  1. Because these are wicked cute....:yes:(in white)


    I just don't know how comfortable they would be. I have no arch in my foot so I would need at least a little arch support.
  2. I wanted to get these, the Katelyns' in the bottom color, but IRL the toe has gold on it,not chocolate brown, so I passed.
  3. I have the ones on the bottom, trimmed in gold. They are quite comfortable, but if you ask me, they begin to show wear way too quickly. Makes me wish I'd gotten two pairs. The next time I will. The laces are entirely too long, which also bugs me...but that's a small thing...
  4. I have them in white and they are very comfortable.
  5. Yep, I have those in black. They're the most comfortable shoes I own, next to my UGGs. DEFINITELY get a pair... so cute!
  6. I have the white but have yet to wear them.
  7. I have them in black and I love them! I just wore them today as a matter of fact. They are so comfy.
  8. I have them in the black/white and I love them......very comfortable!!
  9. yep my mom has those in black and i have khaki dawnell sneakers but i never wear them lol but my mom says her are comfy.
  10. i have them and they are quite comfy...i have 2 pairs of coach sneakers and definitely plan to buy more.
  11. I really love the white ones they are super cute. Are they really that comfy? I didn't think they'd be that comfortable, but if you guys say they are I believe you. I'd love to have the white pair. Good thing Christmas is near!
  12. i didn't think they would be that comfortable either but i love them! they are by far some of the most comfortable sneakers i own and i would highly recommend them to anyone!!
  13. My coach sneakers are comfortable enough to walk around Disneyland in... they are mostly cute though!
  14. Yep got 'em in white!
  15. I dont personally buy my BFF does and she loves them!