Does anyone own a Newfoundland Dog on here?

  1. I was wondering if their are any Newfoundland owners on the PF.

    I think they are the most beautiful dogs in the world. I have own them for 20 years and have to say think they are so highly intelligent, their character is so proud and strong yet they are the sweetest dog. Takes a lot to get a Newfie going as so laid back. I do not have one at the moment, since my Barnaby died I could not get another one but did not want to be without a dog so got Darcey, English Setter, then Daisy from English Setter Rescue and also have a 2.5 year old Bloodhound I love them to bits, but their is just something about a Newfie for me.

    I get withdrawal symtons not being around them, and if I spot one over the park have to go and say Hello.

    So if their is anyone on this Forum that owns one or Breeds I would love to hear your stories.
  2. i don't own but have been around many, they're such gentle dogs, big droolers though ;). I would fear grooming one, although I helped a groomer once, there was hair everywhere! lovely dogs :smile:.
  3. Those are amazing doggies. Very smart and loyal and gentle. Too big for my house though! I have an australian shepherd/chow mix.
  4. Yes they take a lot of grooming, because they have a double waterproof coat. It takes a long time to groom one properly. A couple of my dogs have been droolers (not as bad as a Bloodhound) and a couple have not I guess like people everyone different. You do need quite a lot of space to keep them I am lucky as have a big house in 1 acre of land.
  5. We had a neighbor/ close friend who had one--Lucy. I'd never met one before and fell in love with her. As you said, sooo laid back and gentle. In the winter, she would look for patches of ice to lay on to stay cool with that heavy coat. (when we lived in N. Illinois, not NC!)
  6. Yes Newfies do not like hot weather, mine could never wait for winter to come where they would roll around in the snow
  7. Lucy would do that! They are so large it looks like a black bear rolling around. One time in my backyard, she came up quietly from behind and out of the corner of my eye I saw this huge black thing and nearly had a heart attack. She was all happy to see me, tho!
  8. i have a newfie! i posted a pic of him in the "your favorite breeds" post. I have a newfie, german shep and a boston terrier. his name is Baloo and he's really funny. he is the most gentle, lazy dog i've ever met. He also loves water. fact, he can turn on the shower faucet in the bathroom and if i don't rmemeber to close the door when i leave for work, he'll turn it on and take a shower and sit in the tub. Then there's water everywhere and it's a mess!
  9. Oh Wowwww, I have seen your picture of your dogs they all look lovely, the Newfie looks amazing. Is he large (how Newfies use to be) or is he medium?

    Newfies so love water, mine use to fall a sleep with hes head in the water bowl. When we decorated out bathroom we put in a separate shower (well the tray) Barnaby took this tray as somewhere to sleep in, we never got to put the doors on the shower or use it (because no doors) until after Barnaby had gone.
  10. I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to show off my Newfoundland-Lab mix! He is about 10 years old and is a joy! His best buddy is Charlie the pug (in the pug thread).



  11. I LOVE Newfoundlands! They are sooo sweet...I have a neurotic black and tan coonhound so I can't help.
  12. My big boy loves to play in the snow (see above pic) and run, even at his age! And don't tell him, but he is the biggest baby!
  13. Just an update that my newfie passed away last Thursday of jaw cancer.:crybaby: He is missed terribly. Our pug keeps looking for him.:crybaby:

    Losing a pet is so painful.:crybaby:
  14. I'm so sorry.:cry: Big hugs.
  15. Oh, I am so sorry he is gone. Love that photo of him in the snow, he looks so wise. Give your puggy extra lovies.