Does anyone own a new Mini Cooper?

  1. My hubby is buying me a new car at the end of the year, because I don't want to do the daily school run in the truck anymore (Mitsubishi Shogun Sport) although I love it, its just too big and cumbersome to drive on the school run everyday.

    I've decided that I would really love a Mini Cooper (I know, 1 extreme to another!) - just wondered if any pfers have one and what you think about them.

    I'm after a subtle Silver with Black Roof (like the one in the photo (nothing bright although my son wants me to get a Red one with a Black and White Check Roof!)).
  2. Our neighbor owns one, and it is fast. They have had it for a few years now, and his wife loves it, though she does complain sometimes she wishes it was bigger.

    They are built by BMW, so the quality engineering is there.
  3. keep in mind it's a 2 door... so if that bothers you, you might want to reconsider.
  4. I totally agree.
    If you were hoping to use this car with a family, I would reconsider as well. I find that its more practical for someone who likes to ride alone or with just one other person. Although it is a pretty strong car because it is so small and compact, safety issues might be in question. Especially if your children are going to be riding with you in this car.

    You might want to consider possible a VW for around that same price range or maybe the BMW 328 sedan? A great car that isnt too big yet not that small either and lasts a really long time!
  5. i'm thinking about a new car too. and the mini was one i liked but the DH shot it down in case we start having kids....
  6. Well, we've been out for a test drive in it and the kids love it - probably because its a novelty though after the Shogun.

    My daughter will be in the front and my son (4 years old) will be in the back.

    The 2 door thing may be an issue I suppose, it was annoying when my daughter was a baby and we had a 2 door trying to get her into the car but my son is 4 so he can climb in by himself.

    Part of the reason I want one is because its a BMW - We had a 3 Series before we got the Shogun and they drive lovely. I really want a small car as parking at the school is a nightmare and even a 3 series would be difficult.

    We were undecided about the Mini or a Convertible Saab, BMW or Merc but the children don't really like being in the back of a convertible (which also have 2 doors).

    My hubby has the idea that we'll get a Mini and if I find that it is too small or annoying then next year we can change both the Mini and the Shogun and get something else.

    We know that we can't JUST have a Mini as the family car but for running about all over the place to school, swimming, karate, dancing etc it would be ideal - I think - hence the thread, I just wanted to see what other people thought and if anybody had one and wished it was different in some way.
  7. Ohh I love Minis ..... I keep telling my SO to buy me one BLACK on BLACK manual and SS .....:graucho: .... he says NO you are so LUCKY your hubby is getting you one......
  8. My sister's best friend just got one for her 16th birthday present...she loves it! Although I am not sure if it would be good is you are really tall (like me!).

    Very cute!
  9. both my boyfriend's sister and brother had one. They LOVED it. It's definitely not one of those comfortable long drive type cars, but they handle great and is good on gas!

    I personally prefer a 4 door over a 2 door though.
  10. My mom is in the process of getting one. She took one for a test drive on saturday, and she loved it! Only downside is that it's a bit small inside. But other than that, it's a really awesome car :smile:
  11. I think the convertibles are super cute, go for it!