Does anyone own a new Berkeley?

  1. I saw on the LV website that they have a new arrival called, Berkeley.
    It looks so cute on the web. I'd like to know if anyone has seen this in person or own it.
    If you have, please post what you think of it.
    If it is as cute as it looks on the web, it might be worth a 1/2 hour drive for me.
  2. I saw this bag on the Blog's so so pretty! I desperately want one!!!
  3. Hi madison98, I saw the Berkeley last week and I have to say it is a verrrry sharp looking bag....the plate in the front is wonderful and really makes the bag....I saw it in both Ebony and Azur and they are beautiful...I would definetely recommend going to see it in person!!!!
  4. I had one in ebene but exchanged it for my Trevi PM :heart:. If I didn't already have the damier ebene speedy 30, I might have kept the Berkeley. I felt the bags were too similar to have both.
  5. I had an azur Berkeley, but returned it --- actually I never picked it up. After considerable thought, I decided to call my SA to have her reverse the charges because I was afraid the azur Berkeley would be extremely susceptible to denim transfer and other stains. As a SAHM, I wear jeans mostly so that was a major consideration for me. I did see one girl carrying her azur Berkeley at LV last week and while the bag was absolutely beautiful, I noticed that it already had stains all around the piping and vachetta of her bag. It looked good on her, though.

    If I didn't already have my damier ebene Highbury, I would seriously consider getting the ebene Berkeley. It truly is a beautiful bag!
  6. I had orginally purchased this bag in the Azur, but afraid of the color transfer. Since I did not own anything in the Damier I exchanged it for the Ebene it is a beautiful bag.
  7. yayyy i think i'll be getting an ebony berkeley within a week or so! :love:
  8. I saw and tried both in the is very similar to the speedy...however I like the fact that the handles are like the Tivoli GM...adjustable. Is like having a speedy you can put on your shoulder. I like it but I have several speedies so I might go fr a Trevi PM instead.
  9. Does anyone have pictures of them modeling it?
  10. I saw it IRL and it's very cute!
  11. Thank you everyone for sharing your thought.
    You definitely helped me decide to drive to the store this weekend.
    I was originally thinking of getting one in azur, but after I read your concerns about color transfer, now I am not sure.:confused1:
    Too hard to decide....:hysteric:
  12. Warning... the straps are barely long enough to put this one over the shoulder, and once there, the bag is rather wide and bulky against the body. Some don't mind this at all, but not everyone is in love with it.