Does anyone own a Neverfull?

  1. Does anyone own a Neverfull? Likes/Dislikes? Which one? I am considering getting one but my local LV is out and I wanted some others opinions on them before I drive back otu there. Thanks.
  2. I use mine almost everyday for work and shop. Love the way it sits on my shoulder and the size. But I hated the shape that doesn't structure well. I have to adjust both sides all the time to make sure they fold in properly. If you do get one, make sure to get a base for it too so it won't sag...
  3. I am embarrassed to admit that I own 2 - the original mono and the Murakami MOCA, both in PM. The embarrassment is that I have 2 and seem like a greedy little piglet. People love or hate these bags. I love that they're lightweight and would have preferred more than the one little interior pocket. It's a great bag for work -- enough room for a book, an iPod and all the other essentials. The open top is a bit of a minus but I've found that you can clip it shut using one of those plastic hair clips without damaging anything.
  4. I have the MM and I love it. I like the fact that it sits on my shoulder well, and I don't have to keep pulling the straps up. The size is perfect for me and being a light weight bag is a plus. I wear it to work especially if I have alot of stuff to carry. I have a 4 year old, and I get to put his small toys and games in there when I take him out. Overall I have no complaints.
  5. i own a neverfull MM and it's the perfect bag when i want to bring a lot - usually on trips or movie dates with my DH - since i can stow food and even a jacket! i like it that even with its thin straps it holds a whole lot and i can wear it two ways - with the straps tucked in (making it look a bit like the batignolles) or the straps untucked. And i can go on and on about how gorgeous the lining is! :smile: minimal vachetta and i've had a waiter accidentally spill a glass of iced tea on it and after a furious session using up most of the cafe's paper napkins wiping it off, it didn't show any bad water marks!
  6. i have the pm and gm - great bags! really functional! if thats what u r looking for!
  7. I own the MM... and it is currently in being reglazed (handles were fraying slightly)-- and I completely miss it!!! the bag is AWESOME!! my friend just got the GM for xmas... it looks really cool... but it is HUGE!!!!
  8. i have the GM in murakami print
    i LOVE it! i wear it with the drawstring open so it gets slouchy and saggy. that's how i like my bag :p
  9. I have mm size and its great for shoping:smile:))
  10. I have the regular mono GM that I use for work. It's the cheapest LV that could actually hold my widescreen laptop I need for work. And I also have the MOCA version in MM, that I've only use once on a trip to Vegas a couple months ago (I'll be using that more when we're done with these damp weather). Anyhoo, I love them both and the GM is also great for travelling.:tup:
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  11. Yay im glad everyone likes theirs! I plan on getting the MM in Azur when it comes out and using it as a spring/summer tote!
  12. Personally, I only like the MOCA version (I have the MM in that one). Otherwise, for a plain monogram bag, I prefer the Batignolles Horizontal.
  13. Hello!

    I got the PM as a Christmas present and I have used it everyday since. I just love it! I am 5'2" 130 lbs and the PM is actually quite large on my frame. If you're taller than this, you may want to opt for the MM or GM sizes.

    Anyway, PM can contain sooooooo much stuff and it doesn't get heavy on the shoulder. The lining and weight of the zipper pull tabs prove how well-made and exquisite it really is. I don''t mind the open top because when my arm is down, it holds the bag shut as I walk about.
    I never put the thing down so I don't worry about it spilling over!

    I dare say I love it more than my SPEEDY! (shock and awe, I know)
  14. I have the MM and I love it. It's a great bag! It's light-weight, comfortable to carry and can fit a bunch of stuff in it. The only thing I didn't like is that it sags, but I put a piece of cardboard on the bottom to fix the sag. I highly recommend the Neverfull :tup:
  15. Got it and love it. I have the PM. It holds a lot. When I am out shopping, I tuck my shopping bags inside. Don't be fooled by the thin handles, it will support a lot of weight. I love that it's roomy, lightweight, and easy to carry. I also like the generously sized interior zipper pocket and the d-ring (got my cles on there). Another thing about the interior: the lining is so cute!

    The only thing I would change about the Neverfull: I wish it had a cell phone pocket!