Does anyone own a Moni Moni bag?

  1. I was just wondering about the quality of the bags. I've become a bit anal about good linings and zippers...the leather looks pretty soft. And they are Italian..I just hate bags made in China.
  2. I own 2. A cappuccino Splendor and a black Savana. I am happy with both. Keep in mind that they are meant to look worn but that doesn't translate to beat up. I know some people have had problems with quality but mine are fine. I bought both thru Adasa; excellent service.
  3. I have never seen one in person but I love the way they look and love the fact that they are distressed. What worried me about purchasing this bag was the comment about a strong odor coming from them. That would drive me crazy! I just purchased a Linea Pelle which has the distressed look, doesn't smell but I can't find out where they are made so it MUST be China! I love it anyway though.
  4. You might want to do a forum search on Moni Moni. You will get lots of info. :yes:
  5. I have a plum one and I love it!! It is my everyday bag. It does smell when you first get it and I found it to be strong. I can no longer smell it but it was there.
  6. I own one Splendor. it is one of the softest bags I own. very roomy and comfy to wear. I call it my Hippie bag.